Interactive activities

Interactive activities

We offer interactive and competitive activities for groups in a number of areas around Israel.

A game of challenges in small groups, walking/running. The game is held in three ancient cities:

  • Jerusalem – Nachlaot neighborhood and Machne Yehuda market.
  • Old Jaffa and flea market.
  • Old Akko and colorful market.

The Amazing Race – teams competing against each other in a set of challenges while riding in jeeps.

Some challenges vary according to areas in Israel and their unique aspects.

Areas of activity:

  • Northern Golan Heights and Quneitra valley.
  • Western Galilee and Gaaton river.
  • Northern Jezre'el Valley and Kfar Tavor.
  • Mount Carmel.
  • Burma Road, driving, as was once done, to Jerusalem under siege.


Duration: 2-3 hours.