Special Occasions and Outdoor Meals

Special Occasions and Outdoor Meals

We plan and coordinate a very wide selection of meals and occasions.

It could even be a light mid-day meal, like focaccias fresh from a taboon oven or Druze pita with labaneh and even falafel meals or excellent sandwiches outdoors.

We sometimes hold special and rich evening events at uncommon places with an added value.

Some of the places we hold our meals and events are:

  • Kinneret Courtyard;
  • The Cider Cabin in the heart of a grove at Golan Heights;
  • The special cave and Galilean khan;
  • Village visit to an authentic Druze home;
  • Biriya Forest;
  • The incredible Red Khan, Safed;
  • Tel Achziv, overlooking the sea;
  • Meister Winery cave;
  • Shavei Zion beach – beach events;
  • Karni Garden, on the banks of Jordan river.


And many more special places, carefully selected by us to create the perfect experience.